Economic Development

CPRT has sought out, found or created development projects that define Real Estate with a Real Purpose. In every project we undertake, CPRT looks to establish long-term value and impact for not only its properties but the community as well. Bringing economic health to a community development requires a great deal of expertise and a dedication to partnership and collaboration with all aspects of that community. These partnerships have brought forth the successful re-development of historic downtown Baton Rouge with the development of The Shaw Center for the Arts, the complete renovation of the Hilton Capitol Center and the re-purposing of abandoned old city dock area for The Water Campus, a research center dedicated to studying the effects - and creating solutions – for the critical issues of coastal protection and restoration. As a result of an innovative partnership between Baton Rouge Area Foundation, CPRT, the State of Louisiana, and the City of Baton Rouge, IBM now has opened a new Service Delivery Center, bringing 800 new jobs to downtown Baton Rouge. This collaboration has resulted in expanded higher-education computer science programs at LSU, as well as a major new riverfront development that has accelerated the revitalization of downtown Baton Rouge. In every case, CPRT has developed far more than just the physical structure of the real estate development. CPRT has contributed to the economic development and overall growth of the communities we have invested in.

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