ONYX Residences

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logo-onyx-residencesLocated in the center of Baton Rouge’s arts and entertainment district, The Onyx Residences consist of 27 urban apartments designed for the up-and-coming young professional. The original Onyx Building opened in the 1950s and was the home of Rider’s Jewelry Store. After the store closed, the building sat vacant for more than three decades. Residents enjoy living in the middle of the arts, music, theatre, and restaurant scene of downtown while being able to walk to work. The new ONYX Apartments are adjacent to the Baton Rouge Arts Block and walking distance from North Boulevard Town Square. The Onyx Residences are a long awaited addition to the downtown housing marketplace. The inspiration of the name "Onyx" is derived from the location's historical relevance and distinct Onyx marble that covered the previous building.

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